Importing and Exporting Amazon Lex Bots, Intents, and Slot Types - Amazon Lex V1

This documentation is for Amazon Lex V1. If you are using Amazon Lex V2, refer to the Amazon Lex V2 guide instead. We recommend using Amazon Lex V2 to take advantage of the latest features.

Importing and Exporting Amazon Lex Bots, Intents, and Slot Types

You can import or export a bot, intent, or slot type. For example, if you want to share a bot with a colleague in a different AWS account, you can export it, then send it to her. If you want to add multiple utterances to a bot, you can export it, add the utterances, then import it back into your account.

You can export bots, intents, and slot types in either Amazon Lex (to share or modify them) or an Alexa skill format. You can import only in Amazon Lex format.

When you export a resource, you have to export it in a format that is compatible with the service that you are exporting to, Amazon Lex or the Alexa Skills Kit. If you export a bot in Amazon Lex format, you can reimport it into your account, or an Amazon Lex user in another account can import it into his account. You can also export a bot in a format compatible with an Alexa skill. Then you can import the bot using the Alexa Skills Kit to make your bot available with Alexa. For more information, see Exporting to an Alexa Skill.

When you export a bot, intent or slot type, its resources are written to a JSON file. To export a bot, intent, or slot type, you can use either the Amazon Lex console or the GetExport operation. Import a bot, intent or slot type using the StartImport.