AWS License Manager
User Guide

Configuring License Manager Settings

The Settings section of the License Manager console display settings for the logged-in account in License Manager and allows you to edit those settings. Settings displayed in the Account settings panel include:

  • Account type

  • S3 Bucket

  • Link AWS Organizations account

  • Cross-account resource discovery

  • SNS Topic ARN

Each field contains a value or status for the setting.

To edit License Manager settings

  1. Open the License Manager console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Settings, Edit.

  3. In the Account management panel, review and edit the following settings as needed.


    To enable cross-account inventory discovery, you must configure the items in this panel, linking your AWS Organizations account with License Manager, and applying permissions for cross-account inventory search.

    • Link AWS Organizations accounts

      You can configure a single master account (your AWS Organizations account) to perform license configuration attachments on instances in child accounts.

      Select this field to associate your AWS Organizations account with your License Manager account. License Manager performs this action automatically.

      To enable this option, you must be signed into your master account and have all features enabled in AWS Organizations. For more information, see Enabling All Features in Your Organization.

      Linking your AWS Organizations account also creates an AWS Resource Access Manager resource share in your master account and associates your account with it. This allows you to seamlessly share license configurations. For more information, see What Is AWS RAM?.

    • Cross-account inventory search

      License Manager uses Amazon EC2 Systems Manager (SSM) inventory to discover software usage. Querying SSM inventory requires SSM Resource Data Sync to store inventory in an Amazon S3 bucket, Amazon Athena to aggregate SSM inventory data from organizational accounts, and AWS Glue to provide a fast query experience. Ensure that you have configured SSM inventory on all of your resources.

      Select this field to configure permissions for the associated services and locations that License Manager uses perform cross-account inventory search. License Manager performs these actions automatically.

  4. Under Simple Notification Service (SNS), you can modify the Amazon SNS topic ARN.

  5. Choose Save.