Replacing your dataset - Amazon Lookout for Equipment

Replacing your dataset

Replacing your dataset allows you to change the data without re-creating the project from the beginning.

You may want to do this after reviewing the ingestion of your dataset, and addressing problems with the job, files, or sensors.


If you want to change your schema, then you must start over with a new project.

The Replace dataset page is similar to the Ingest dataset page that you visited earlier in the workflow. The main difference is that the Replace dataset page does not ask you for information about how you named your .csv files. When you replace a dataset, Lookout for Equipment re-uses the schema detection information that you entered before.

To replace your dataset:

  • From the Dataset details screen, choose Replace dataset.

  • On the Replace dataset page, indicate the location of your data on Amazon S3 and choose your IAM role.

  • Choose Start ingestion.

After the procedure above, you'll review your dataset ingestion once again.