What is Amazon Lookout for Vision? - Amazon Lookout for Vision

What is Amazon Lookout for Vision?

You can use Amazon Lookout for Vision to find visual defects in industrial products, accurately and at scale. It uses computer vision to identify missing components in an industrial product, damage to vehicles or structures, irregularities in production lines, and even minuscule defects in silicon wafers—or any other physical item where quality is important such as a missing capacitor on printed circuit boards.

Key benefits

Amazon Lookout for Vision provides the following benefits:

  • Quickly and efficiently improve processes – You can use Amazon Lookout for Vision to implement computer vision-based inspection in industrial processes quickly and efficiently, at scale. You can provide as few as 30 baseline good images and Lookout for Vision can automatically build a custom ML model for defect detection. You can then process images from IP cameras, in batch or in real time, to quickly and accurately identify anomalies like dents, cracks, and scratches.

  • Increase production quality, fast – With Amazon Lookout for Vision you can reduce defects in production processes, in real time. It identifies and reports visual anomalies in a dashboard so you can take action quickly to stop more defects from occurring—increasing production quality and reducing costs.

  • Reduce operational costs – Amazon Lookout for Vision reports trends in your visual inspection data, such as identifying processes with the highest defect rate or flagging recent variations in defects. Using this information, you can determine whether to schedule maintenance on the process line or reroute production to another machine before costly, unplanned downtime occurs.

Are you a first-time Amazon Lookout for Vision end user?

If you're a first-time user of Amazon Lookout for Vision, we recommend that you read the following sections in order:

  1. Setting up Amazon Lookout for Vision – In this section, you set your account details.

  2. Getting started with Amazon Lookout for Vision – In this section, you learn about creating your first Amazon Lookout for Vision model.