Forecasting and monitoring Amazon Macie costs - Amazon Macie

Forecasting and monitoring Amazon Macie costs

To help you forecast and monitor your costs for using Amazon Macie, Macie calculates and provides estimated usage costs for your account. With this data, you can determine whether to adjust your use of the service or your account quotas. If you’re currently participating in a 30-day free trial of Macie, you can use this data to estimate your costs for using Macie after the free trial ends. You can also check the status of your trial.

You can review your estimated usage costs on the Amazon Macie console and access them programmatically with the Amazon Macie API. If you’re the Macie administrator for an organization, you can review and access both aggregated data for your organization and breakdowns of the data for accounts in your organization.

In addition to the estimated usage costs that Macie provides, you can review and monitor your actual costs by using AWS Billing and Cost Management. AWS Billing and Cost Management provides features that are designed to help you track and analyze your costs for AWS services, and manage budgets for your account or organization. It also provides features that can help you forecast usage costs based on historical data. To learn more, see the AWS Billing User Guide.