Managing Amazon Macie accounts by invitation - Amazon Macie

Managing Amazon Macie accounts by invitation

You can centrally manage multiple Amazon Macie accounts in two ways, by integrating Macie with AWS Organizations or by using membership invitations. If you use membership invitations, a designated Macie administrator can manage Macie for as many as 1,000 accounts. The administrator can also access Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) inventory data and discover sensitive data in S3 buckets that the accounts own. For details about the tasks that administrators can perform, see Understanding the relationship between Amazon Macie administrator and member accounts.

In an invitation-based organization, you associate Macie accounts with each other by sending and accepting membership invitations in Macie. If you send an invitation and it’s accepted by another account, you become the Macie administrator for the other account and the other account becomes a member account in your organization. If you receive and accept an invitation, your account becomes a member account and the Macie administrator can access certain Macie settings, data, and resources for your account.


If you create an invitation-based organization in Macie, you can subsequently transition to using AWS Organizations instead. You can also use both methods at the same time to manage multiple Macie accounts. For example, if your AWS environment includes test accounts, you might exclude the accounts from your organization in AWS Organizations and manage them separately by invitation.

The topics in this section explain how to create and participate in an invitation-based organization, and how to perform various administrative tasks for the organization.