Managing multiple Amazon Macie accounts - Amazon Macie

Managing multiple Amazon Macie accounts

If your AWS environment has multiple accounts, you can associate the Amazon Macie accounts in your environment and centrally manage them as an organization in Macie. With this configuration, a designated Macie administrator can assess and monitor the overall security posture of your organization’s Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) data estate, and discover sensitive data in your organization’s S3 buckets. The administrator can also perform various account management and administration tasks at scale, such as monitoring estimated usage costs and assessing account quotas.

In Macie, an organization consists of a designated Macie administrator account and one or more associated member accounts. You can associate the accounts in two ways, by integrating Macie with AWS Organizations or by sending and accepting membership invitations in Macie. We recommend that you integrate Macie with AWS Organizations.

AWS Organizations is a global account management service that enables AWS administrators to consolidate and centrally manage multiple AWS accounts. It provides account management and consolidated billing features that are designed to support budgetary, security, and compliance needs. It’s offered at no additional charge and it integrates with multiple AWS services, including Macie, AWS Security Hub, and Amazon GuardDuty. To learn more, see the AWS Organizations User Guide.

If you prefer to centrally manage multiple Macie accounts without using AWS Organizations, you can use membership invitations instead. If you send an invitation and it’s accepted by another account, your account becomes the Macie administrator account for the other account. If you receive and accept an invitation, your account becomes a Macie member account and the Macie administrator account can access and manage certain settings, data, and resources for your Macie account.