Develop Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode - Amazon Managed Blockchain

Develop Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode

Smart contracts in Hyperledger Fabric are known as chaincode.

Considerations and Limitations When Developing Chaincode for Managed Blockchain

  • All Hyperledger Fabric networks on Managed Blockchain support a maximum of 8 channels per network, regardless of network edition.

  • Hyperledger Fabric Shims for Node.js

    To simplify chaincode development, Managed Blockchain includes versions of the fabric-shim library. This library provides a low-level chaincode interface between applications, peers, and the Hyperledger Fabric system for chaincode applications developed with Node.js. The library version is specified using the dependencies object in the package.json file bundled with your chaincode. You can specify a version explicitly or use the semantic versioner (semver) for NPM to specify a version range. The following library versions are available without bundling.

    Dependencies on other versions of fabric-shim or other library packages require that you bundle them with your chaincode because peer nodes do not have internet access to the NPM repository.

  • The default limit for the size of a transaction payload is 1MB. To request a limit increase, create a case using the AWS Support Center.