Checkpointing is timing out - Managed Service for Apache Flink

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink was previously known as Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink.

Checkpointing is timing out

If your application is not optimized or properly provisioned, checkpoints can fail. This section describes symptoms and troubleshooting steps for this condition.


If checkpoints fail for your application, the numberOfFailedCheckpoints will be greater than zero.

Checkpoints can fail due to either direct failures, such as application errors, or due to transient failures, such as running out of application resources. Check your application logs and metrics for the following symptoms:

  • Errors in your code.

  • Errors accessing your application's dependent services.

  • Errors serializing data. If the default serializer can't serialize your application data, the application will fail. For information about using a custom serializer in your application, see Custom Serializers in the Apache Flink Documentation.

  • Out of Memory errors.

  • Spikes or steady increases in the following metrics:

    • heapMemoryUtilization

    • oldGenerationGCTime

    • oldGenerationGCCount

    • lastCheckpointSize

    • lastCheckpointDuration

For more information about monitoring checkpoints, see Monitoring Checkpointing in the Apache Flink Documentation.

Causes and Solutions

Your application log error messages show the cause for direct failures. Transient failures can have the following causes:

  • Your application has insufficient KPU provisioning. For information about increasing application provisioning, see Scaling.

  • Your application state size is too large. You can monitor your application state size using the lastCheckpointSize metric.

  • Your application's state data is unequally distributed between keys. If your application uses the KeyBy operator, ensure that your incoming data is being divided equally between keys. If most of the data is being assigned to a single key, this creates a bottleneck that causes failures.

  • Your application is experiencing memory or garbage collection backpressure. Monitor your application's heapMemoryUtilization, oldGenerationGCTime, and oldGenerationGCCount for spikes or steadily increasing values.