Incident response - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Incident response

Upon receiving an alert, the AMS team uses automated and manual remediations to bring the resources back to a healthy state. If remediation fails, AMS starts the incident management process to collaborate with your team. You can change the baselines by updating the default configuration in a configuration file.

Incident response and onboarding in AMS Accelerate

During onboarding, AMS Accelerate suppresses automatic incident creation for your existing noncompliant resources; instead, your Cloud Service Deliver Manager (CSDM) provides you with a report that contains all the noncompliance rules and resources for your review. After you have identified the rules that you want AMS to remediate, create a service request in the AWS Support Center console indicating those rule and resources. The following Service Request template is an example of a customer request to AMS to manually remediate noncompliant resources. If AMS has additional questions, we work with you in the Service Request to gather the information required.

Hello, Please remediate the following resources for the Config Rule “ENCRYPTED_VOLUMES”. Resource List: "Vol-12345678" "Vol-87654312" Thank you

After the onboarding process is completed, AMS Accelerate automatically creates an incident for each noncompliant resource for the rules marked as Automatic Incident below.