What is AWS Managed Services? - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

What is AWS Managed Services?

Welcome to AWS Managed Services (AMS), infrastructure operations management for Amazon Web Services (AWS). AMS provides a range of operational services to help you achieve operational excellence on AWS. Whether you're just getting started in the cloud, looking to augment your current team, or need a long-term operational solution, AMS can help you meet your operational goals in the cloud. Leveraging AWS services and a library of automations, configurations, and run books, we provide an end-to-end operational solution for both new and existing AWS environments.

AMS operates infrastructure for some of the world’s largest enterprises. The service leverages a suite of native AWS services and features to provide a comprehensive set of infrastructure management capabilities. Within these AWS services AMS creates and maintains curated sets of monitoring controls, detection guardrails, automations, and runbooks to operate infrastructure in a compliant and secure way.