Customer-provided tags - AMS Accelerate User Guide

Customer-provided tags

What are customer-provided tags?

Customer-provided tags is an AMS Accelerate service feature used to specify rules governing how AMS resources are tagged in your account. With customer-provided tags, you can add user-defined custom tags to AMS resources deployed to your accounts. The customer-provided tags feature is automatically added to the requested accounts when you request to your Cloud Service Delivery Manager (CSDM) using an automated service. Note that you can't override AMS tags. AMS tags start with ‘ams:’.

You can define your own tags (labels) and specify the functionalities of these tags for all of your AMS Accelerate resources. You can provide these tags before you onboard to AMS so that AMS tags and your custom tags are applied during the onbaording process. Or, you can provide tags after onboarding.

How can I add customer-provided tags?

To request the addition of these tags to your resources, contact your CSDM. These tags will be applied to AMS resources in your account.

What is the scope of the tags?

This feature is currently only available for Accelerate customers and in AWS commercial Regions. You can add tags to all accounts that you own or to a specific list of accounts.


These tags apply only to AMS resources and don't affect your own resources.