Backup management tags - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Backup management tags

AMS Accelerate manages the backing up of supported resources. For more information about this service offering, see Backup management in AMS Accelerate.

AMS Accelerate backup management uses tags to identify which resources should be automatically backed up (and also provides manual backup capabilities). You can use any tag key:value combination to associate your resources with backup plans. To opt in to automated backups using the ams-default-backup-plan AWS Backup plan, you must apply the following tag to your supported resources:

Key Value




During onboarding, AMS Accelerate tags all resources with ams:rt:backup-orchestrator-onboarding with value true for short interval, short retention snapshots. This is managed by the ams-onboarding-backup-plan backup plan. For more information about AMS Accelerate-managed AWS Backup plans, see AMS Accelerate backup configuration.