Using the AMS Accelerate operations plan - AMS Accelerate User Guide

Using the AMS Accelerate operations plan

AMS Accelerate is the AMS operations plan that can operate AWS infrastructure supporting workloads. Whether your workloads are already in an AWS account or you're planning to migrate new ones, you can benefit from AMS Accelerate operational services such as monitoring and alerting, incident management, security management, and backup management, without going through a new migration, experiencing downtime, or changing how you use AWS. AMS Accelerate also offers an optional patch add-on for EC2 based workloads that require regular patching.

With AMS Accelerate you have the freedom to use, configure, and deploy all AWS services natively, or with your preferred tools. You can continue using your existing access and change mechanisms while AMS consistently applies proven practices that help scale your team, optimize costs, increase security and efficiency, and improve resiliency.

While AMS Accelerate can simplify your operations, you remain responsible for application development, deployment, test and tuning, and management. AMS Accelerate only makes changes in your account as a result of incidents, alarms, remediation, and some service requests. AMS Accelerate doesn't provision resources in the account on your behalf. AMS Accelerate provides troubleshooting assistance for infrastructure issues that impact applications, but AMS Accelerate doesn't access or validate your application configurations without your knowledge and approval. AMS Accelerate services and changes are provided directly in the AWS console and APIs, so you continue to leverage your existing accounts with AWS and available AWS marketplace solutions. AMS Accelerate doesn't modify code in your infrastructure-as-code templates (for example, AWS CloudFormation templates), but can guide your teams on which changes are required to follow best operational and security practices.