AMS Accelerate SSM document versions - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

AMS Accelerate SSM document versions

SSM documents support versioning. AMS Accelerate SSM documents can't be modified from the customer’s account and can't be re-shared. They're centrally managed and maintained by AMS Accelerate in order to operate the account.

Version numbers are incremented with each document update in a specific AWS Region. As new Regions become available, the same document content in two Regions can have different version numbers; this is typical and doesn't mean their behavior will be different. If you want to compare two AMS Accelerate SSM documents, we recommend comparing their hashes with the AWS CLI:

aws ssm describe-document \ --name AWSManagedServices-DOCUMENTNAME \ --output text --query "Document.Hash"

Two SSM documents are identical if their hashes match.