Daily backup report - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Daily backup report

This report provides details about the status of backup (success/failure) and insights into snapshots taken.

This report provides:

  • Backup status

  • Number of snapshots taken

  • Recovery point

  • Backup plan and vault information

Field Name Dataset Field Name Definition
Report Datetime dataset_datetime The date and time the report was generated.
Account Id aws_account_id AWS Account ID to which the instance ID belongs
Account Name account_name AWS account name
Account SLA account_sla AMS account service commitment
malz_flag Flag for MALZ-related account
malz_role MALZ role
access_restrictions Regions to which access is restricted
Resource ARN resource_arn The Amazon resource name
Resource Id resource_id The unique resource identifier
Resource Region resource_region The region of the resource
Resource Type resource_type The type of resource
Recovery Point ARN recovery_point_arn The ARN of the recovery point
Recovery Point Id recovery_point_id The unique identifier of the recovery point
Backup snapshot scheduled start datetime start_by_dt_utc Timestamp when snapshot is scheduled to begin
Backup snapshot actual start datetime creation_dt_utc Timestamp when snapshot actually begins
Backup snapshot completion datetime completion_dt_utc Timestamp when snapshot is completed
Backup snapshot expiration datetime expiration_dt_utc Timestamp when snapshot expires
Backup Job status backup_job_status State of the snapshot
Backup Type backup_type Type of backup
Backup Job Id backup_job_id The unique identifier of the backup job
Backup Size In Bytes backup_size_in_bytes The backup size in bytes
Backup Plan ARN backup_plan_arn The backup plan ARN
Backup Plan Id backup_plan_id Backup plan unique identifier
Backup Plan Name backup_plan_name The Backup Plan name
Backup Plan Version backup_plan_version The backup plan version
Backup Rule Id backup_rule_id The backup rule id
Backup Vault ARN backup_vault_arn Backup vault ARN
Backup Vault Name backup_vault_name The backup vault name
IAM Role ARN iam_role_arn The IAM role ARN
Recovery Point Status recovery_point_status Recovery point status
Recovery Point Delete After Days recovery_point_delete_after_days Recovery point delete after days
Recovery point move to cold storage after days recovery_point_move_to_cold_storage_after_days Number of days after completion date when backup snapshot is moved to cold storage
Recovery Point Encryption Status recovery_point_is_encrypted Recovery point encryption status
Recovery Point Encryption Key ARN recovery_point_encryption_key_arn Recovery point encryption key ARN
Volume State volume_state Volume State
Instance Id instance_id Unique instance Id
Instance State instance_state Instance state
Stack Id stack_id Cloudformation stack unique identifier
Stack Name stack_name Stack Name
Tag: AMS Default Patch Group tag_ams_default_patch_group Tag Value: AMS Default Patch Group
Tag: App Id tag_app_id Tag Value: App ID
Tag: App Name tag_app_name Tag Value: App Name
Tag: Backup tag_backup Tag Value: Backup
Tag: Compliance Framework tag_compliance_framework Tag Value: Compliance Framework
Tag: Cost Center tag_cost_center Tag Value: Cost Center
Tag: Customer tag_customer Tag Value: Customer
Tag: Data Classification tag_data_classification Tag Value: Data Classification
Tag: Environment Type tag_environment_type Tag Value: Environment Type
Tag: Hours of Operation tag_hours_of_operation Tag Value: Hours of Operation
Tag: Owner Team tag_owner_team Tag Value: Owner Team
Tag: Owner Team Email tag_owner_team_email Tag Value: Owner Team Email
Tag: Patch Group tag_patch_group Tag Value: Patch Group
Tag: Support Priority tag_support_priority Tag Value: Support Priority