Getting Started with AWS Managed Services - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Getting Started with AWS Managed Services

If you do not have AWS Managed Services (AMS) operating an account already, start by contacting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales representative using our AWS Managed Services- Contact Sales page.

After you sign up for an AMS, the AMS Accelerate team guides you through the following onboarding process for each one of your AWS accounts.

Review the feature set here: AWS Managed Services Features

Account onboarding process

Onboarding an account into AMS Accelerate has four stages:

  • Account Discovery, using tools to discovery what your needs are. You are assisted by AMS Accelerate personnel.

  • Account-Level onboarding, includes accepting the terms and conditions creating the onboarding role for AMS Accelerate cloud architects (CAs) who assist you (determine a security baseline, check for and fix, if needed, any blockers, and so forth).

  • Instance-Level onboarding, configuring your EC2 instances and enabling baseline monitoring.

  • Operations Configurations, tailoring the AMS services to your needs.

Each stage requires inputs and configurations from you and enables specific AMS services. Use the following diagram to help you navigate the documentation for more information on your required inputs and the available services at each stage:

AMS Accelerate onboarding process