How service request management works - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

How service request management works

Service requests are handled by the on-call AMS Accelerate operations team.

After your service request is received by the AMS Accelerate operations team, it's reviewed to ensure that the request is properly classified as a service request or an incident. If it's reclassified as an incident, the AMS Accelerate incident management process begins and you're notified.

If the AMS Accelerate operator can resolve the service request, steps to do so are taken immediately. For example, if the service request is for architecture advice, or other information, the operator refers you to the appropriate resources or answers the question directly.

If the service request is out of scope for AMS Accelerate operations, the operator either sends the request to your cloud service delivery manager, so they can communicate with you, or to the appropriate AWS support team, along with an email to you as to what steps are being taken.

The service request is not resolved until you have indicated that you are satisfied with the outcome.


We recommend you provide a contact email, name, and phone number in all cases to facilitate communications.