Monitoring and updating an incident - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Monitoring and updating an incident

You can update, monitor, and review incident reports and service requests, both called cases, by using Support Center, or programmatically using the AWS Support API, DescribeCases operation.

To monitor a case (incident or service request) using AWS Support Center, follow these steps.

  1. In the AWS Management console, browse to Support.

  2. From the left navigation, select Your support cases, browse to a case and choose the Subject link to open a details page with current status and correspondences.

    If you want to use phone or chat at this point, click Open case in Support Center to open the case Create page in the AWS Support Center, auto-populated with the AMS service type.

    When a reported incident or service request case is updated by the Accelerate operations team, you receive an email and a link to the incident in the Support Center so you can respond.


    You can't respond to case correspondence by replying to the email.

    If there are many cases in the dashboard, you can use the Filter option:

    • Subject: Use this filter to search on keywords in the subject of the case.

    • Severity: Use this to filter cases by severity by selecting a severity from the list.

    • Case type: Use this to see all cases of a particular case type. Accelerate incidents and service requests appear under the Technical Support Case Type along with any service-specific cases.

    • Status: Use this to filter cases by status by selecting a specific status from the list.

  3. To check the latest status, refresh the page.

  4. If there are so many correspondences that they do not all appear on the page, choose Load More.

  5. To provide an update to the case status, choose Reply, enter the new correspondence, and then choose Submit.

  6. To close out the case after it has been resolved to your satisfaction, choose Close case.

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