Monthly billing report - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Monthly billing report

Monthly billing report.

Billing charges details

This report provides details about AMS billing charges with linked accounts and respective AWS services.

This report provides:

  • Insights on AMS service-level charges, uplift percentages, account-level AMS service tiers and AMS fees.

  • Insights on linked accounts and AWS usage charges.

Field Name Dataset Field Name Definition
Billing Date date The month and year of the service billed
Payer Account Id payer_account_id The 12 digit id identifying the account that will be responsible for paying the ams charges
Linked Account Id linked_account_id The 12 digit id identifying the AMS account that consumes services that generates expanses
AWS Service Name product_name The AWS service that was used
AWS Charges aws_charges The AWS charges for the AWS service name in AWS Service Name
Pricing Plan pricing_plan The pricing plan associated with the linked account
AMS Service Group tier_uplifting_groups AMS service group code that determines uplift percentage
Uplift Proportion uplift_percent The uplift percentage (as a decimal V.WXYZ) based on pricing_plan, SLA, and AWS service
Adjusted AWS Charges adjusted_aws_usage AWS usage adjusted for AMS
Uplifted AWS Charges uplifted_aws_charges The percentage of AWS charges to be charged for AMS; adjusted_aws_charges * uplift_percent
Instances EC2 RDS Spend instances_ec2_rds_spend Spend on EC2 and RDS instances
Reserved Instance Charges ris_charges Reserved instance charges
Uplifted Reserved Instance Charges uplifted_ris The percentage of reserved instance charges to be charged for AMS; ris_charges * uplift_percent
Savings Plan Charges sp_charges SavingsPlan usage charges
Uplifted Savings Plan Charges uplifted_sp The percentage of savings plans charges to be charged for AMS; sp_charges * uplift_percent
AMS Charges ams_charges Total ams charges for the product; uplifted_aws_charges + instance_ec2_rds_spend + uplifted_ris + uplifted_sp
Prorated Minimum Fee prorated_minimum The amount we charge to meet the contractual minimum
Linked Account Total AMS Charges



Sum of all charges for the linked_account
Payer Account Total AMS Charges



Sum of all charges for payer account
Minimum Fee minimum_fees AMS Minimum Fees (if applicable)
Reserved Instance and Savings Plan discount adj_ri_sp_charges RI/SP discount to be applied against RI/SP charges (applicable under certain circumstances)