AMS post-account prescriptive guidance - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

AMS post-account prescriptive guidance

As organizations adopt distributed operations and DevOps practices, there are a core set of operational capabilities that should be applied to every account prior to deployment of workloads to meet the pillars of Well Architected.

This link downloads a ZIP file containing a Word document, and a ZIP file with scripts and examples. Automated Account Setup is a set of scripts to automate, or bootstrap, the setup of a new application account.

Once a new account is vended, and before any workloads are deployed, in order to make the account ready from an operational, security and management point of view, you setup default backup plans, patch windows, and encryption (and more). To help improve the agility, consistency, and responsiveness for application account setup, the following sample "How To" is provided for your reference.

Automated Account Setup.