Create an AWS core account - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

Create an AWS core account

AMS multi-account landing zone requires the provisioning of a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to act as the management account in the AMS multi-account landing zone environment. To create an AWS account, follow these step-by-step instructions: How do I create and activate a new Amazon Web Services account?

The simple steps are: Go to Create Account, and click Sign Up Now and, on the page that opens, click Create a new AWS account. Follow the on-screen instructions, which include receiving a phone call and entering a PIN using your phone keypad. You'll also need to enter a credit card. AMS uses this account as the management account, or payer account, for your new multi-account landing zone.


Once you are onboarded, talk to your CSDM about moving billing off of your credit card and onto an invoice system. The following information will be required:

  • Billing Company Name

  • Billing Contact Name

  • Billing Contact Phone Number

  • Billing Contact Email

  • Billing Address

Your CSDM will help you with this update. Once completed, and to change the payment method, see Managing your AWS payment methods.


Do not link your new account to an existing management account, or payer account.

Ensure that your account is not part of an existing AWS Organization; for information, see What Is AWS Organizations?


It is very important that you ensure that an email address (a distribution list, not an individual's email address) and phone number are associated with the account so that you receive responses to potential security incidents. The phone number and email address for the account cannot be changed without resetting the account password, which is a significant undertaking for an AMS root account. To ensure that these values are stable, it is critical to select contact information not associated with individuals, which can change. Choose an email alias that can point to a group. Follow this same best practice in selecting a phone number: choose a number that can point to a group or to a number owned by the company and not an individual.

For details on the questions you will be asked to onboard your Core account to AMS multi-account landing zone, see Appendix: multi-account landing zone Onboarding Consideration List.