AMS reserved prefixes - AMS Advanced User Guide

AMS reserved prefixes

AMS resource attributes must comply with certain patterns; for example, IAM instance profile names, BackupVault names, tag names, and so forth, must not start with AMS reserved prefixes. Those reserved prefixes are:

ams-* AWSManagedServices* /ams/* ams* AMS* Ams* mc* MC* Mc* sentinel* Sentinel* Managed_Services* NewAMS* AWS_* aws* VPC_* CloudTrail* Cloudtrail* */aws_reserved/* INGEST* EPSDB* MMS* TemplateId* StackSet-ams* StackSet-AWS-Landing-Zone IAMPolicy* customer-mc-* Root* LandingZone* StateMachine* codedeploy_service_role managementhost eps UnhealthyInServiceBastion ms-