Account governance in AWS Managed Services - AMS Advanced User Guide

Account governance in AWS Managed Services

This section covers AMS account governance.

You are designated a cloud service delivery manager (CSDM) who provides advisory assistance across AMS, and has a detailed understanding of your use case and technology architecture for the managed environment. CSDMs work with account managers, technical account managers, AWS Managed Services cloud architects (CAs), and AWS solution architects (SAs), as applicable, to help launch new projects and give best-practices recommendations throughout the software development and operations processes. The CSDM is the primary point of contact for AMS. Key responsibilities of your CSDM are:

  • Organize and lead monthly service review meetings with customers.

  • Provide details on security, software updates for environment and opportunities for optimization.

  • Champion your requirements including feature requests for AMS.

  • Respond to and resolve billing and service reporting requests.

  • Provide insights for financial and capacity optimization recommendations.