Finding a stack ID - AMS Advanced User Guide

Finding a stack ID

Some change types require the StackId. To find a Stack ID, you can use either the AMS console, Amazon EC2 console, or API/CLI.

AMS Console:

  • In the navigation pane, select RFCs, and then click the RFC that created the stack. Use the filter option at the top to reduce the list. The RFC details page opens and includes the run output with the stack ID.

  • Alternatively, you can select Stacks in the navigation pane to open the stacks list page, and then page through the stack list to the stack you're interested in. This method is more useful if you know the subject of the stack you are looking for.

Amazon EC2 Console:

In the navigation pane, select Instances or Load Balancers or Auto Scaling Groups.

AMS SKMS API (see ListStackSummaries) or CLI:


The AMS CLI must be installed for these commands to work. To install the AMS API or CLI, go to the AMS console Developers Resources page. For reference material on the AMS CM API or AMS SKMS API, see the AMS Information Resources section in the User Guide.

To view a list of stacks in the current account, run the ListStackSummaries operation of the SKMS API (CLI: list-stack-summaries). To get complete information about a particular stack instance, by StackId, run GetStack.

  • In the following examples, the first command requests a list of summaries for all stack instances in the account. The second command requests the list of stack instances, with a query filter to list only those of a specific stack template, and output the VpcId, Name, and StackId.

    aws amsskms list-stack-summaries --output table
    -------------------------------------------------------------------- | ListStackSummaries | | StackSummaries | +------------+----------------------+---------------------+--------+ | VpcId | StackId | StackTemplateId | Name | +------------+----------------------+---------------------+--------+ |vpc-0123abcd|stack-1fb7fe2212345678|stm-sdhopvbb123456789|Test ELB| |vpc-0123abcd|stack-8323cc0e12345678|stm-s2b72beb123456789|S3 store| |vpc-0123abcd|stack-2309fa0712345678|stm-sdhopvbb123456789|ELB | |vpc-0123abcd|stack-5e61a70512345678|stm-sdpabqbb123456789|PatchSim| |vpc-0123abcd|stack-bd0e080d12345678|stm-s2b72beb123456789|CLI demo| +------------+----------------------+---------------------+--------+

For information about using CLI queries, see How to Filter the Output with the --query Option and the query language reference, JMESPath Specification..