Amazon Inspector Classic (AMS SSPS) - AMS Advanced User Guide

Amazon Inspector Classic (AMS SSPS)

Amazon Inspector Classic is an automated security assessment service that helps improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS. Amazon Inspector Classic automatically assesses applications for exposure, vulnerabilities, and deviations from best practices. After performing an assessment, Amazon Inspector Classic produces a detailed list of security findings prioritized by level of severity. These findings can be reviewed directly or as part of detailed assessment reports, which are available via the Amazon Inspector Classic console or API. To learn more, see Amazon Inspector Classic.

Amazon Inspector in AWS Managed Services FAQs

Q: How do I request access to Amazon Inspector Classic in my AMS account?

Request access to Amazon Inspector Classic by submitting an RFC with the Management | AWS service | Self-provisioned service | Add (ct-1w8z66n899dct) change type. This RFC provisions the customer_inspector_admin_role IAM role to your account. The role includes the AWS-managed AmazonInspectorFullAccess policy. Once provisioned in your account, you must onboard the role in your federation solution.

Q: What are the restrictions to using Amazon Inspector Classic in my AMS account?

There are no restrictions. Full functionality of Amazon Inspector Classic is available in your AMS account.

Q: What are the prerequisites or dependencies to using Amazon Inspector Classic in my AMS account?

There are no prerequisites or dependencies to use Amazon Inspector Classic in your AMS account.

Use the new Amazon Inspector in AMS

You can now use the new Amazon Inspector in your AMS account.

For Amazon Inspector Classic, the customer-inspector-admin-role-ssm-inspector-agent-policy and AmazonInspectorFullAccess were required. However, there has been an update to the SSPS role customer-inspector-admin-role, which now includes an additional policyAmazonInspector2FullAccess. This new policy allows API permissions for the new version of Amazon Inspector.