Management account - AMS Advanced User Guide

Management account

The management account is your initial AWS account when you begin onboarding with AMS. It utilizes AWS Organizations as a management account, which gives the account the ability to create and financially manage member accounts. It contains the AWS landing zone (ALZ) framework, account configuration stack sets, AWS Organization service control policies (SCPs), etc. The following diagram provides a high-level overview of the resources contained in the management account.

Resources in the management account

Other than the above standard services, no additional AWS resources are created in the management account during onboarding. The following inputs are required during onboarding to AMS:

  • Management account ID: AWS Account ID that is created initially by you.

  • Core Accounts emails: Provide the emails to be associated with each of the core accounts: Networking, Shared Services, Logging, and Security account.

  • Service Region: Provide the AWS region to which all resources of your AMS landing zone will be deployed.