Supported AWS services - AMS Advanced User Guide

Supported AWS services

AWS Managed Services (AMS) provides operational management support services for the following AWS services. Each AWS service is distinct, and as a result AMS's level of operational management, support varies depending on the nature and characteristics of the underlying AWS service. Specific AWS services are grouped based on the complexity and scope of the operational management support service provided by AMS.


The three groups, A, B, and C, indicate pricing as a percentage of total monthly spend per account for the AMS service, based on support plan (Plus or Premium), for AMS customers before March 16, 2021. AMS customers onboarded after March 16, 2021 should submit a service request for additional pricing information. Group A indicates no additional charge. Group B indicates an additional charge of 12% (Plus) or 18% (Premium). Group C indicates an additional charge of 25% (Plus) or 42% (Premium).

One star (*) indicates services that are deployed within an AMS managed environment by a customer using the AWS Console and APIs. See 'Automated and self-service provisioning management' in AMS features for additional details on customer responsibilities when provisioning and configuring services in this manner.

Two stars (**) indicate that Amazon EC2 on AWS Outposts will be billed as a Group B service; all other resources hosted on AWS Outposts will be billed at their standard rate.

Supported AWS services
Group A Group B Group C
Amazon Alexa for Business* Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka* Amazon CloudFront Amazon Elastic File System Amazon Glacier Amazon Simple Storage Service AWS Amplify* AWS AppMesh* AWS Auto Scaling AWS Backup AWS CloudFormation AWS Compute Optimizer AWS Global Accelerator* AWS Identity and Access Management AWS License Manager* AWS Management Console AWS Marketplace AWS Lake Formation* AWS Well Architected Tool* VM Import/ Export*
Amazon API Gateway* Amazon AppStream* Amazon Athena* Amazon CloudSearch* Amazon Cognito* Amazon Comprehend* Amazon Connect* Amazon Document DB (with MongoDB compatibility)* Amazon DynamoDB* Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)* Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) on AWS Fargate* Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) on Fargate* Amazon Elemental MediaConvert* Amazon Elemental MediaPackage* Amazon Elemental MediaStore* Amazon Elemental MediaTailor* Amazon Elastic MapReduce* AmazonEventBridge* Amazon Forecast* Amazon FSx* Amazon Inspector* Amazon Kinesis Analytics* Amazon Kinesis Data Stream* Amazon Kinesis Firehose* Amazon Kinesis Video Streams* Amazon Lex* Amazon MQ* Amazon Personalize** Amazon QuickSight* Amazon Rekognition* Amazon SageMaker* Amazon SimpleDB* Amazon Simple Workflow* Amazon Textract* Amazon Transcribe* Amazon Translate* Amazon WorkDocs* Amazon WorkSpaces* AWS AppSync* AWS Audit Manager* AWS Batch* AWS Certificate Manager* AWS CloudEndure* AWS CloudHSM* AWS CodeBuild* AWS CodeCommit* AWS CodeDeploy* AWS CodePipeline* AWS DataSync* AWS Elemental MediaLive* AWS Glue* AWS Lambda* AWS MigrationHub* AWS Outposts** AWS Secrets Manager* AWS Security Hub* AWS Service Catalog AWS Transfer for SFTP* AWS Shield* AWS Snowball* AWS Step Functions* AWS Transit Gateway* AWS WAF* AWS X-Ray*
Amazon Aurora Amazon CloudWatch Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud** Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (classic, application, and network; not gateway) Amazon ElastiCache Amazon OpenSearch Service Amazon GuardDuty Amazon Macie Amazon Redshift Amazon Relational Database Service Amazon Route 53 Amazon Simple Email Service Amazon Simple Notification Service Amazon Simple Queue Service Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) AWS CloudTrail AWS Config AWS Database Migration Service AWS Data Transfer AWS Direct Connect AWS Directory Service AWS Key Management Service AWS Systems Manager (SSM)

If you request AWS Managed Services to provide services for any software or service that is not expressly identified as supported below, any AWS Managed Services provided for such customer requested configurations will be treated as a "Beta Service" under the Service Terms.