Amazon Transcribe (AMS SSPS) - AMS Advanced User Guide

Amazon Transcribe (AMS SSPS)

Powered by deep learning technologies, Amazon Transcribe is a fully managed and continuously trained automatic speech recognition service that automatically generates time-stamped text transcripts from audio files. Amazon Transcribe makes it easy for developers to add speech-to-text capabilities to their applications. Audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search and analyze. Therefore, recorded speech needs to be converted to text before it can be used in applications. Historically, customers had to work with transcription providers that required them to sign expensive contracts and were hard to integrate into their technology stacks to accomplish this task. Many of these providers use outdated technology that does not adapt well to different scenarios, like low-fidelity phone audio common in contact centers, which results in poor accuracy.

Amazon Transcribe uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR) to convert speech into text, quickly and accurately. Amazon Transcribe can be used to transcribe customer service calls, automate closed captioning and subtitling, and generate metadata for media assets to create a fully searchable archive. You can use Amazon Transcribe Medical to add medical speech-to-text capabilities to clinical documentation applications. To learn more, see Amazon Transcribe.

Amazon Transcribe in AWS Managed Services FAQs

Common questions and answers:

Q: How do I request Amazon Transcribe to be set up in my AMS account?

Request access by submitting a Management | AWS service | Self-provisioned service | Add (review required) (ct-3qe6io8t6jtny) change type. This RFC provisions the following IAM role to your account: customer_transcribe_role. Once provisioned in your account, you must onboard the role in your federation solution.

Q: What are the restrictions to using Amazon Transcribe in my AMS account?

You must use 'customer-transcribe*' as the prefix for your buckets when working with transcribe, unless RA and specified otherwise.

You are not able to create an IAM role within Amazon transcribe.

You cannot use a service-managed S3 bucket for output data in default SSPS (if this is needed, please reach out to your account CA).

You must submit Risk Acceptance if you want to use customer-managed KMS Keys that do not fall under the AMS namespace.

Q: What are the prerequisites or dependencies to using Amazon Transcribe in my AMS account?

S3 must have access to the buckets with the name 'customer-transcribe*'. KMS is required in order to use Amazon Transcribe if your S3 buckets are encrypted with KMS keys. If a bucket doesn’t need to be encrypted "KMStranscribeAllow" can be removed.