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AMI subscriptions in AWS Marketplace

In AWS Marketplace, some Amazon Machine Image (AMI)-based software products offer an annual subscription pricing model. With this pricing model, you make a one-time upfront payment and pay no hourly usage fee for the next 12 months. You can apply one annual subscription to an AWS Marketplace software product to one Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance.


For AMI hourly with annual pricing, the annual subscription covers only the instance types that you specify when purchasing. For example, t3.medium. Launching any other instance type will incur the hourly rate for that instance type based on the active subscription. You can't change the instance type of an annual subscription after it's purchased.

You can also continue to launch and run AWS Marketplace software products by using hourly pricing. Charges for using Amazon EC2 and other services from AWS are separate and in addition to what you pay to purchase AWS Marketplace software products.

If you change the Amazon EC2 instance type for hourly usage, your Amazon EC2 infrastructure will be billed according to your signed savings plan. However, the AMI license from AWS Marketplace will automatically change to hourly pricing.

If an AMI hourly product doesn't support annual pricing, the buyer can't purchase an annual subscription. If an AMI hourly product does support annual pricing, the buyer can go to the product's page in AWS Marketplace and purchase annual contracts. Each annual contract allows the buyer to run one instance without being billed the hourly rate. Contracts vary according to instance type.