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Free Trials

Some products listed on AWS Marketplace offer free trials. The free trial enables you to try-before-you-buy software. Free trials are limited to a certain amount of free usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do free trials for products on AWS Marketplace cover AWS resource usage as well?

No. Free trials offered by an AWS seller on AWS Marketplace apply only to usage of the seller’s software. All AWS infrastructure charges still apply.

I was using a free trial of ‘X’ on the AWS Marketplace and still received charges for my ‘Y’ instance. Why did I get charged?

When an AWS Marketplace seller offers a free trial for a product, fees related to AWS infrastructure usage are not included. Free trials cover the software fees of one instance attached to the product, not the underlying infrastructure costs.

During my free trial, I received On-Demand hourly software charges. Why did this happen and is my trial over?

You can have one active free trial for a product offered by an AWS Marketplace seller at a time. If you have two, you are charged at On-Demand pricing for the second trial. Software usage is billed by rounding up to the nearest hour. If you start and stop the software instance, you are metered and billed for an hour. If you start, stop, and then restart an instance within the same hour, the restart is metered and billed as a second hour.

I started a free trial for a product I purchased on AWS Marketplace but never used the software during the trial period. Can I restart my trial since I didn’t get any use out of it?

Free trials for products offered on AWS Marketplace can’t be reset. Each AWS Marketplace seller chooses their own trial period, and AWS Marketplace cannot alter the trial parameters, including resetting the trial period.

Can I run multiple instances of a software product at no charge as part of my free trial?

No. Launching multiple instances from the Your Marketplace Software page in the AWS Marketplace portal can cause charges. While utilizing free trials of a specific product, we recommend running only one instance at time, and only starting and stopping an instance once during the same hour.

How can I tell if I am using a free trial correctly?

You can view your usage in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. Billing is recorded under the AWS Marketplace section.

If any hourly usage charges are accruing, the free trial is not correctly being utilized. When utilizing correctly, the pricing for the line items under bills for the AWS Marketplace subscription will appear as $0.00.

When does my free trial expire?

The expiration date of your free trial will be listed on the Your Marketplace Software page of the AWS Marketplace portal. Once your free trial expires, your subscription will convert to a paid subscription model.

Will I be reminded when my free trial is ending?

AWS Marketplace sends a reminder via email approximately three days prior to the expiration of your free trial.

When my trial ends, does a paid subscription automatically start?

For each product, under Pricing Information, there is information for the length of the free trial and what happens when the free trial time period ends. For products that automatically convert to a subscription plan at the end of the trial period, you must cancel your subscription to avoid charges.

I’d like to purchase an annual subscription for the product. Can I also take advantage of the free trial?

Yes, to utilize the free trial period launch the AMI under the hourly model subscription, and before your free trial expires purchase an annual subscription. On the Your Software page, you can find the list of your currently running software products and instances. Products that offer annual subscription pricing have a Buy Annual Subscription button. You do not need to restart or change the instance.

The free trial for product X says I can run one instance for 30 days. Could I run two instances for 15 days and have both instances covered by the free trial?

No. The free trial will only apply to one instance. Any additional instances will be billed.

I’d like to try product X but there are no free trials mentioned on the product page. Can I get a free trial for this product anyway?

No. Free trials are offered by the seller of the product. If the seller has a free trial offer for their product, it will be listed on the product’s AWS Marketplace product page.

How does an AWS Marketplace free trial work with AWS Free Tier?

If you launch an AMI through AWS Marketplace that offers a free trial and the instance qualifies for the AWS Free Tier, there will be no AWS infrastructure or product software usage charges.

Where can I view my active subscriptions for products I am subscribed to from AWS Marketplace sellers?

You can view your active subscriptions on the Your Marketplace Software page of the AWS Marketplace portal. Free trial expiration dates will also be listed.

Can AWS customer service unsubscribe me from a free trial product?

No. However, you can cancel your subscription to software on the Your Marketplace Software page of the AWS Marketplace portal. Once you cancel, you will no longer be able to start new instances of this software, either from AWS Marketplace or the EC2 console, without resubscribing to the software.

You will need to terminate all of the instances associated with the software before canceling. You can do this by expanding the list of running instances and choosing Manage in console. Once you identify the title of the software subscription you want to cancel, choose Cancel Subscription. In the verification dialog box, confirm you would like to cancel the subscription, and then choose Yes.