Launching software - AWS Marketplace

Launching software

After buying software, you can launch Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that contain it by using the 1-Click Launch view in AWS Marketplace. You can also launch it using other Amazon Web Services (AWS) management tools, including the AWS Management Console, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) console, Amazon EC2 APIs, or the AWS CloudFormation console.

With the 1-Click Launch view, you can quickly review, modify, and then launch a single instance of the software with settings recommended by the software seller. The Launch with EC2 Console view provides an easy way to find the AMI identification number and other pertinent information that is required to launch the AMI using the AWS Management Console, Amazon EC2 APIs, or other management tools. The Launch with EC2 Console view also provides more configuration options than launching from the AWS Management Console, such as tagging an instance.

For AWS Marketplace products with complex topologies, the Custom Launch view provides a Launch with CloudFormation Console option that loads the product in the AWS CloudFormation console with the appropriate AWS CloudFormation template. You can then follow the steps in the AWS CloudFormation console wizard to create the cluster of AMIs and associated AWS resources for that product.