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Subscribers Guide

Modifying or Unsubscribing from a Private Offer

You can update from standard subscriptions to private offers, and you can also modify certain existing private offers. The process varies based on the agreement in place. If you have a contract with a flexible payment schedule, you can't modify it because of the established invoicing of the payment schedule.

For many subscriptions, when you shift from public pricing to a private offer, you negotiate the offer with the ISV or your channel partner. After you accept the private offer, your related existing subscription or subscriptions automatically move to the private offer pricing model. This doesn't require any further action from you. Use the following guidance to identify your scenario and the steps to start receiving the pricing for your private offer.

Changing from Public to Private Offer Pricing

After you accept the private offer, no further action is needed for the IAM user account that accepted the offer. They are switched to the pricing, terms, and conditions defined in the private offer. To switch to the pricing, terms, and conditions for the private offer, each linked IAM user account using the product must accept the private offer. Any IAM user account that starts using the product must also accept the private offer to get the pricing, terms, and conditions defined in the private offer.

Changing SaaS Dimensions or Adding More Users

If you have a SaaS contract in place, you can change SaaS dimensions or add more users to an existing private offer. When you accept the updated private offer, the rates of the contract edits are prorated for the time left on the contract. After you accept the change to the contract, no further action is necessary. If you negotiated a flexible payment schedule, you can't change SaaS dimensions or add more users.

Changing from a SaaS Subscription to a SaaS Contract

To shift from a SaaS subscription to a SaaS contract, you must first unsubscribe from the SaaS subscription. Then you accept the private offer for the SaaS contract. To view your existing SaaS subscriptions, choose Your Marketplace Software in the upper-right corner of AWS Marketplace.

Changing from an Existing SaaS or AMI Contract to a New Contract

If you have a SaaS or AMI contract in place from a previous private offer and you want to accept a new private offer for the same product, you must do one of the following:

  • Wait for the current contract to expire before accepting the new one

  • Work with the product vendor and the AWS Marketplace customer support team to terminate your current contract

  • Accept the private offer using a different AWS account from the one that has the contract

Changing from AMI Hourly to AMI Annual

When you move from an AMI hourly subscription to an AMI annual subscription, the subscription works similar to a voucher system. Each hour of AMI usage is offset by one unit in the AMI annual subscription. When you purchase the annual subscription through a private offer, all associated accounts that are subscribed to the product are automatically switched to the pricing negotiated in the private offer. Linked accounts that start a subscription after the private offer is in place must subscribe to the private offer when they subscribe.


The annual licenses on your old offer are deactivated immediately upon acceptance of the terms of the new offer. Work with the ISV to discuss compensation for the old licenses and how to proceed forward with the new offer.

Changing from AMI Annual to AMI Hourly

When your annual subscription expires, any linked accounts subscribed to the product are automatically switched to the AMI hourly pricing. If an annual subscription is in place, the linked account can't switch to an hourly subscription for that product without canceling the subscription.