Product categories - AWS Marketplace

Product categories

AWS Marketplace is organized into seven primary categories, with subcategories under each. On the AWS Marketplace website, you can search and filter based on the categories and subcategories.

Infrastructure software

The products in this category provide infrastructure-related solutions.

Application Development

Products used for application development.

Application Servers

Servers used for application development.

Application Stacks

Stacks used for application development.

Big Data

Tools used for your big data projects.

Databases and Caching

Database and caching-related products.

High Performance Computing

High performance computing products.


Products used for migration projects.

Network Infrastructure

Products used to create networking solutions.

Operating Systems

Packaged Linux and Windows operating systems.


Security products for your infrastructure.

Storage and Backup

Products used for storage and backup solutions.

Developer tools

The products in this category provide tools focused on developers and developer teams.

Issues and Bug Tracking

Products used by developer teams to track and manage software bugs.


Products used for monitoring operating software.

Log Analysis

Products used for logging and log analysis.

Source Control

Tools used to manage and maintain source control.


Products used for automated testing of software products.

Business software

The products in this category help you run your business.

Business Intelligence

Products used for enabling business intelligence in your organization.


Products used to enable collaboration in your business.

Content Management

Products focused on content management.


Tools focused on customer relationship management.


Products that provide ecommerce solutions.

Education and Research

Products aimed at providing education and research solutions.

Financial Services

Products that enable financial services in your organization.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Products used in the healthcare and life sciences industries.


Media-related products and solutions.

Project Management

Tools for project management.

Machine learning

The products in this category provide machine learning algorithms and model packages that work with Amazon SageMaker.

ML Solutions

Machine learning solutions.

Data Labeling Services

Products that provide data labeling capability.

Computer Vision

Products that enable computer vision capability.

Natural Language Processing

Products that enable natural language processing capability.

Speech Recognition

Products that enable speech recognition capability.


Products that enable text learning capability. Examples include classification, clustering, edit/processing, embedding, generation, grammar/parsing, identification, names and entity recognition, sentiment analysis, summarization, text-to-speech, and translation.


Products that enable image analysis capability. Examples include 3D, captioning, classification, edit/processing, embedding/feature extraction, generation, grammar/parsing, handwriting recognition, human/faces, object detection, segmentation/pixel labeling, and text/OCR.


Products that enable video analysis capability. Examples include classification, object detection, edit/processing, anomaly detection, speaker identification, motion, reidentification, summarization, text/captioning, and tracking.


Products that enable audio analysis capability. Examples include speaker identification, speech-to-text, classification, song identification, and segmentation.


Products that enable structured analysis capability. Examples include classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, factorization models, feature engineering, ranking, regression, and time-series forecasting.


Products used to create IoT-related solutions.


Analytical products for IoT solutions.


Application products for the IoT solutions space.

Device Connectivity

Products used to manage device connectivity.

Device Management

Products used to manage devices.

Device Security

Products used to manage security for your IoT devices.

Industrial IoT

Products focused on providing industrial-related IoT solutions.

Smart Home and City

Products used to enable smart home and smart city solutions.

Professional services

The products in this category provide consulting services related to AWS Marketplace products.


Evaluation of your current operating environment to find the the right solutions for your organization.


Help with configuration, setup, and deployment of third-party software.

Premium support

Access to guidance and assistance from experts, designed for your needs.

Managed services

End-to-end environment management on your behalf.


Tailored workshops, programs, and educational tools provided by experts to help your employees learn best practices.

Desktop applications

The products in this category provide infrastructure-related solutions.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications and utilities for general productivity and specific job role enablement.

AP and Billing

Applications used for job roles focused on accounts payable and billing.

Application and the Web

General purpose and web environment applications.


Applications used for development.

Business Intelligence

Applications used by job roles focused on managing business intelligence.


Applications used by job roles focused on computer-aided design and manufacture.

GIS and Mapping

Applications used by job roles focused on GIS and mapping.

Illustration and Design

Applications for job roles focused on illustration and design.

Media and Encoding

Application used for job roles involved in media and encoding.

Productivity and Collaboration

Applications focused on enabling productivity and enabling collaboration.

Project Management

Application for project manager job roles.


Applications focused on job roles involved in security, storage, and data archiving.


Utility-focused applications for various job roles.

Data products

The products in this category are sets of file-based data. For more information, see the AWS Data Exchange User Guide.