SaaS products - AWS Marketplace

SaaS products

For software as a service (SaaS) products, you subscribe to products through AWS Marketplace, but you access the product in the software seller's environment. AWS Marketplace offers two pricing models for SaaS listings: SaaS subscriptions and SaaS contracts.

SaaS subscriptions

With SaaS subscriptions, the software seller tracks your usage and you pay only for what you use. This pay-as-you go pricing model is similar to that of many Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. Billing for your usage of a SaaS product is managed through your AWS bill.

SaaS contracts

Some companies make SaaS contracts available for purchase through AWS Marketplace. This allows you to purchase discrete quantities of licenses or data ingest for these products and have them billed, in advance, through your AWS account. For example, you might purchase 10 user access licenses for a year, or you might purchase 10 GB of data ingest per day for a year.

You can purchase using the product’s detail page on AWS Marketplace. If this option is available, Software as a Service (SaaS) Contracts appears for Delivery Method on the product’s detail page. When you make the purchase, you will be directed to the product’s website for account setup and configuration. The usage charges will then appear on your regular AWS account billing report.

To subscribe with a SaaS contract

  1. Choose Continue to start the subscription. You can choose the quantities or units you want, length of subscription (if multiple options are available), and automatic renewal.

  2. After you have made your selections, choose Create Contract.

  3. Choose Set Up Your Account, which takes you to the company’s website. While your account is being configured and the payment is being verified, you will see your contract is pending on the AWS Marketplace details page for the product. 

After configuration is complete, if you return to the product page, you'll find a link to set up your account. The software will appear under Your Marketplace Software when you are signed in to your AWS Marketplace account. You can now start using the software. If you do not complete the setup process for your account, you will be prompted to do so when you revisit that product on AWS Marketplace.

You access the software subscription from the software company’s website using the account you created on their website. You can also find website links for any software subscriptions you purchased through AWS Marketplace under Your Marketplace Software when you are signed in to your AWS Marketplace account.