AWS Marketplace
Subscribers Guide

Supported Regions

For software products, the provider chooses per listing which Regions they want to make their software available in, as well as the instance types. We encourage making products available in all available Regions and on all instance types that make sense. The AWS Marketplace website is available worldwide and supports the following Regions:

  • North America

    • US East (Ohio)

    • US East (N. Virginia)

    • US West (N. California)

    • US West (Oregon)

    • AWS GovCloud (US-East)

    • AWS GovCloud (US-West)

    • Canada (Central)

  • South America

    • South America (São Paulo)

  • EMEA

    • Europe (Frankfurt)

    • Europe (Ireland)

    • Europe (London)

    • Europe (Paris)

    • Europe (Stockholm)

  • APAC

    • Asia Pacific (Singapore)

    • Asia Pacific (Sydney)

    • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

    • Asia Pacific (Seoul)

    • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

  • Middle East

    • Middle East (Bahrain)

For more information on AWS Regions and endpoints for AWS Marketplace, see AWS Regions and Endpoints. For more information on supported AWS Regions for data products, see Endpoints and AWS Regions in the AWS Data Exchange User Guide.