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AWS Marketplace Channel Partner private offers

AWS Marketplace Channel Partner private offers allow channel partners to resell independent software vendors' (ISVs) products on AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace Channel Partner and ISV establish an agreement to resell one or more of the ISV's products, and then they extend a private offer to the buyer for that product.

The following diagram shows this relationship between an ISV, a channel partner, and a buyer.

Relationships and workflow between ISVs, channel partners, and buyers.


For more information about creating a resell opportunity for a channel partner, as an ISV, see Creating a resell opportunity for an AWS Marketplace Channel Partner as an ISV.

Each AWS Marketplace Channel Partner private offer is visible only to a single buyer, with customized pricing and unique commercial terms to meet that buyer's needs. When creating a private offer, you start from a wholesale cost set by the ISV. Then you mark up that price to create the buyer's offer price. The wholesale cost is determined in one of two ways:

  • Recurring discount – An ISV authorizes the AWS Marketplace Channel Partner to resell their product or products at an agreed-to discount from their list price with a recurring opportunity. This discount allows the AWS Marketplace Channel Partner to continue to resell the product without further price negotiation with the ISV. This discount can be set up to last until a specified date, or indefinitely, until ended by either the ISV or the channel partner.

  • Non-recurring discount – The opportunity that the ISV gives the AWS Marketplace Channel Partner is a one-time discount intended to be used only with a specific buyer.

In both cases, after the buyer pays for the private offer, AWS Marketplace uses the standard process to distribute the funds to the AWS Marketplace Channel Partner and the ISV based on the agreed-to pricing.


As an ISV or a channel partner, you can view opportunities that you have granted or received from the Partners menu of the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

For detailed instructions about creating private offers, see AWS Marketplace Channel Partner creates.

For information about third-party financing for private offers, see Customer financing is now available in AWS Marketplace.

Additional information

For additional information and questions, we encourage ISVs and channel partners to connect with the AWS Marketplace channel team. If you don’t know who to contact specifically, send an email message to, and someone on the team will respond to you within one business day.