Account data feed - AWS Marketplace

Account data feed

This data feed provides information about all the accounts you interact with: your own, any channel partners you work with, buyers, payers, and all taxed accounts.

Account data is immutable, and it is not associated with a version number. Changes to fields are appended, so this data feed may have several rows with the same account_id and different valid_from values. For information about data history fields, see Historization of the data.

The account data feed is refreshed every 24 hours, so new data is available daily.

The following table explains the names and descriptions of the data feed's columns.

Column name Description
account_id The globally unique identifier (GUID) of the account.

Can be used to join to fields in the Product, Offer_Target, Billing_Event, and Tax_Item data feeds. See those data feeds for information about the fields that can be used to join.

aws_account_id The AWS account number of the seller's AWS account, which is unique by AWS partition.
encrypted_account_id The unique, encrypted ID for an individual buyer of your application. The value for encrypted_account_id is used by the AWS Marketplace Metering Service, for example, as the value for CustomerIdentifier that is returned by the ResolveCustomer action.
mailing_address_id The mailing address reference for this account.
tax_address_id The tax address reference for this account.
tax_registration_number For non-US accounts, the tax registration number for this account.
tax_legal_name For non-US accounts, the legal company name. This is the name used on tax invoices.

Example of account data feed

The following shows an example of the account data feed. For readability, the data history columns aren't shown. For information about data history fields, see Historization of the data.

account_id aws_account_id encrypted_account_id mailing_address_id tax_address_id tax_registration_number tax_legal_name
xk0CSmiAm6PQ4QqEog9iiaochIzuPlkMfba7a1oDlZ 444456660000 Zf7oMzheGWpH 25o3k46eN6eViOfFiiqtxwX8e3kaOiPalUiofjyFa3
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