Requirements for professional services products - AWS Marketplace

Requirements for professional services products

AWS Marketplace maintains requirements for all products and offerings on AWS Marketplace. These requirements help to promote a safe, secure, and trustworthy curated digital catalog for our customers. We encourage sellers to review the implementation of additional controls and protocols as applicable to meet the needs of their specific products.

AWS Marketplace reviews all products and their related metadata when submitted to ensure that they meet or exceed current AWS Marketplace requirements. We review and adjust these requirements to meet our security requirements. In addition, AWS Marketplace continuously reviews products to verify that they meet any changes to these requirements. If products fall out of compliance, AWS Marketplace contacts you to update your product. In some cases, your products might temporarily be unavailable to new subscribers until issues are resolved.

Product setup guidelines

All professional services products must adhere to the following product setup guidelines:

  • All pricing dimensions must relate to actual services offered and billed using AWS Marketplace.

  • Your products must be listed in one of these categories: Assessments, Implementation, Managed services, Premium support, or Training.

  • Besides the required professional services categories, your product should also be correctly categorized by choosing other appropriate categories that fit into services offered.

  • Your product's logo must not be designed to confuse with the AWS logo, or any logo from an unrelated third party.

  • Your product details must not contain offensive or explicit material. They must comply with the AWS Acceptable Use Policy available at

  • Your professional service product must directly support or offer services related to third-party software products listed on AWS Marketplace or help customers achieve specific outcomes related to the adoption or management of their AWS Cloud.

Customer information requirements

All professional services products must adhere to the following customer information requirements:

  • Professional services products must be billed entirely through the listed dimensions on AWS Marketplace.

  • You are not permitted to collect customer payment information for your professional services product listing on AWS Marketplace at any time, including credit card and bank account information.

  • Any subscriber or prospective subscriber information provided by AWS to you in conjunction with your professional services products must be used solely in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Sellers.

Product usage guidelines

All professional services products must adhere to the following product usage guidelines:

  • After a customer contacts you through the professional service listing, you should contact them within two business days. After a customer accepts a private offer, you must contact them or provide them with next steps within two days unless otherwise outlined in the private offer.

  • Customers must be able to easily get help with issues, such as using the services, troubleshooting, and requesting refunds (if applicable). Support contact options must be specified on the fulfillment landing page. The support description should contain a statement about the level of support a customer can expect.

  • Your product's overview should include clear value propositions, key features, links to detailed documentation, and clear definitions of pre-purchase and post-purchase support of the services offered.

  • Your products should have clear and straightforward service terms.

Architecture guidelines

All professional services products must adhere to the following architecture guidelines:

  • Professional services products must be related to an AWS service or at least one public AWS Marketplace product (up to four) in which the product offers services for those related products directly or offers services that drive more subscribers to those related products.

  • If the services offered require additional resources in the customer's infrastructure, follow these guidelines:

    • Provision resources in a secure way, such as by using the AWS Security Token Service or AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

    • Provide additional documentation including a description of all provisioned AWS services, IAM policy statements, and how an IAM role or user is deployed and used in the customer account.

    • Include a notification in the product description that explains that if the customer incurs additional AWS infrastructure costs, separate from their AWS Marketplace transaction, they're responsible for paying additional infrastructure charges.

    • If your product deploys an agent, provide instructions to the customer that describe how to deploy the agent in their AWS account.