Pricing SaaS products - AWS Marketplace

Pricing SaaS products

After a buyer gets your SaaS product on AWS Marketplace, AWS Marketplace passes along their billing identifier. You use the billing identifier to call the AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service and the AWS Marketplace Metering Service. Then customers access the product in your AWS environment or through a VPC endpoint connection you create. AWS Marketplace offers the following pricing models for SaaS products:

  • SaaS subscriptions – A pay-as-you-go model where we bill buyers for their hourly usage of your SaaS product.

  • SaaS contracts – Buyers are either billed in advance for the use of your software, or you can offer them a flexible payment schedule. Customers can also pay for additional usage above their contract.

To make your SaaS product available on AWS Marketplace, decide whether you want to offer the SaaS subscriptions pricing model or the SaaS contracts pricing model.