Seller registration process - AWS Marketplace

Seller registration process

To register as an AWS Marketplace seller, from the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), choose Sign Up as an AWS Marketplace Seller and accept the terms and conditions. Identify an AWS account to use as your primary AWS Marketplace account. You can use an existing account or register a new AWS account so long as the account is linked to a valid payment method. This account will be the seller of record for your products in AWS Marketplace and will be used for reporting, disbursement, and communication from AWS Marketplace to you.


Once you use an AWS account to list a product on AWS Marketplace, you cannot change the AWS account associated with the product.

You can change other product information (name, website, description) in AWS Marketplace after the product is created. You can also use AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) to configure your primary AWS account to allow multiple users with various permissions to access the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. For more information, visit Controlling access to AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

US bank account for sellers of paid products

A US bank account is required for all sellers who want to sell paid software in AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace only disburses to US bank accounts.


For a list of countries where you can offer paid products in AWS Marketplace, see Eligible jurisdictions for paid products.

If you do not already have a US bank account, you may be able to obtain one through Hyperwallet. Hyperwallet can provide you with a US account, which you can provide to AWS Marketplace for your AWS Marketplace disbursements.

Hyperwallet is an independent service provider that may enable you to transfer funds to another bank account in a supported currency. For a limited time, you will not be required to pay certain Hyperwallet service fees in connection with AWS Marketplace disbursements.

  • By adding your Hyperwallet account details to your AWS Marketplace seller account, you agree and acknowledge that AWS Marketplace will share your name, email address, and account number with Hyperwallet to confirm your status as an AWS Marketplace seller.

  • Additional fees may apply to your use of Hyperwallet services (including transfer fees and foreign exchange fees required to transfer funds into your local currency), as well as foreign exchange rates. Hyperwallet’s service fee will be waived for a limited time, and only with respect to AWS Marketplace disbursements of the proceeds from your Paid products into your Hyperwallet account. Consult the Fees section of the Hyperwallet site or contact Hyperwallet for more information and to review applicable fees.

To begin registration with Hyperwallet and obtain your US bank account information

  1. Use the URL and PIN emailed to you by AWS Marketplace to register with Hyperwallet. You will receive the email as part of your registration process.

  2. After you have activated your Hyperwallet account, follow the steps described on the Hyperwallet registration portal to complete registration and receive your deposit account information.

  3. When you have obtained an account from Hyperwallet, add your Hyperwallet account information to your AWS account using the Bank Account Registration Tool.

AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service

AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service provides the ability to calculate and collect US sales and use tax for existing and new products. Some states are not eligible for Tax Calculation Service because AWS Marketplace is required by law to collect and remit applicable sales tax attributable to taxable sales of your products to customers based in these states. To use the service, configure your tax nexus settings for your seller profile, and then assign product tax codes to your products.

To configure your tax nexus settings, open the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, and under the Settings tab configure the applicable tax nexus settings. Then, assign product tax codes (PTCs) to your products through the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. We recommend that you review the AWS Marketplace Tax Methodology and AWS Marketplace Product Tax Code Guidance in their entirety before completing this process. For product types not supported by the Products tab submission process, download a product load form by choosing File Upload from the Assets tab. You must edit and upload the updated product load form.

Once you have completed these two steps, US sales and use tax calculation will be enabled. Note the following:

  • Activation of your tax nexus settings takes from five to 48 hours.

  • Tax nexus settings must be configured before you can assign PTCs.

  • PTC assignment happens 24 hours after the AWS Marketplace team approves and publishes your product, which may take 3-5 days from the time you submit your product change request.

  • When tax calculation begins, estimated sales tax charges will be included in customer invoices. Sales tax will be calculated based on factors including, but not limited to, the customer’s billing address, the tax code of your product, and your tax nexus settings. The resulting sales tax charge, if applicable, will be included in the customer’s invoice and identified as a US sales tax charge under the specific product sold by your company. Note that customer invoices will show your company's Legal Name, which you provided when you registered to become an AWS Marketplace seller.

  • The collected sales tax funds are sent with your monthly disbursement, and the US Sales and Use Tax Report is available to you on the fifteenth of the month, detailing what taxes were collected. You are responsible for remitting your own taxes.

If you enroll for the AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service, we also recommend that you register for the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP). You are not required to use this service. However, we recommend that all AWS Marketplace sellers who use the Tax Calculation Service participate in ATEP. Participation helps to reduce the number of tax-only refunds that will need to be processed to qualified customers registered in ATEP.

You can edit or delete the tax nexus information on the Tax Calculation Service Settings page in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

For more information, visit AWS Marketplace Sellers on Amazon Web Service Tax Help to learn more about where AWS collects sales tax, VAT, or GST on your sales and remits such taxes to the local tax authorities, in the name of AWS, Inc.


  • A valid payment method, a registered US bank account, and a submitted W9 form are required for disbursement.

  • Sellers of paid products are required to provide a W-8, value added tax (VAT) or good and services tax (GST) registration number, and a US bank account. Hyperwallet can provide you with a US bank account, which you can provide to AWS Marketplace for your AWS Marketplace disbursements.

  • AWS disburses payments monthly directly to the bank account associated with the seller account, minus AWS Marketplace service fees. Payment is disbursed on a rolling monthly basis based off of when the seller account was created, not the beginning of each month.

  • Funds are disbursed only after they are collected from the customer.

  • If you participate in the AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service, any US sales and use tax collected from customers will be included in your monthly disbursement.

Already a seller?

Manage your products into incremental channel revenue by taking advantage of the go-to-market activities made available in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. Activities include the following:

  • Measure the results of your marketing efforts within hours, including the usage and revenue driven by your campaigns.

  • Enable customer service representatives to retrieve customer data in real time.

  • Upload files needed to create and manage your products, and monitor progress as we process them.