AWS Marketplace Metering Service
API Reference (API Version 2016-01-14)


This reference provides descriptions of the low-level AWS Marketplace Metering Service API.

AWS Marketplace sellers can use this API to submit usage data for custom usage dimensions.

Submitting Metering Records

  • MeterUsage- Submits the metering record for a Marketplace product. MeterUsage is called from an EC2 instance.

  • BatchMeterUsage- Submits the metering record for a set of customers. BatchMeterUsage is called from a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.

Accepting New Customers

  • ResolveCustomer- Called by a SaaS application during the registration process. When a buyer visits your website during the registration process, the buyer submits a Registration Token through the browser. The Registration Token is resolved through this API to obtain a CustomerIdentifier and Product Code.

BatchMeterUsage API calls are captured by AWS CloudTrail. You can use Cloudtrail to verify the SaaS metering records you sent are accurate by searching for records with the eventName of BatchMeterUsage. You can also use CloudTrail to audit records over time. For more information, see AWS CloudTrail User Guide.

This document was last published on November 17, 2018.