Container-based products - AWS Marketplace

Container-based products

AWS Marketplace supports software products that use Docker containers. Container products consist of delivery options that are a set of container images and deployment templates that go together. You submit at least one delivery option for your product, with up to a maximum of four. For each delivery option, you provide a set of container images, usage instructions, and links to deployment templates for customers to launch that delivery option.

AWS Marketplace buyers see the available delivery options on the published product detail pages that are available to them. After they subscribe to the product and choose their preferred delivery option, buyers see information and instructions for launching and using the product. For Container image delivery options, buyers see links to the available deployment templates and container image URLs. They also receive instructions for how to pull the individual container images. For Helm chart delivery options, buyers will see step-by-step instructions for launching using Helm.

For a walkthrough of the buying experience, you can refer to this video: Deploying AWS Marketplace Containers on Amazon ECS Clusters (3:34).

You can run Paid container products on these orchestration services: Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and AWS Fargate. You can run Free and Bring Your Own License model (BYOL) container products on any Docker-compatible runtime.

Getting help

For assistance with your container products, contact your business development partner for AWS Marketplace or contact us.