Monitoring a source's health - AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Monitoring a source's health

In the AWS Elemental MediaConnect console, you can view Amazon CloudWatch metrics that show the health of the source over a period of time. Source health is reported with the following metrics:

  • Source bitrate – The bitrate of the incoming video.

  • Total packets received – The total number of packets that MediaConnect received.

To monitor the health of a source (console)
  1. Open the MediaConnect console at

  2. On the Flows page, choose the name of the flow.

  3. Choose the Source tab and view the status of your source. This includes:

    • The Source health field provides the current status of the source.

      • Connected indicates that the flow is connected successfully to its source.

      • Disconnected indicates that the flow is not connected to its source. To resolve this issue, verify that the source is actually sending content. Also, check the source settings on the flow such as the allowlist CIDR and the protocol configuration.

      • The flow is inactive indicates that the flow has not been started. To resolve this issue, start the flow.

      • Error indicates that MediaConnect doesn't have permission to communicate with CloudWatch. To resolve the error, you must sign in to the AWS Management Console as an entity that allows MediaConnect to get metric statistics from CloudWatch. For guidance, see this example.

    • The Source health metrics section is visible only if your source health is Connected. The charts show source bitrate and total packets received over the last hour. You can choose different time periods from the dropdown in the top-right corner of the section.


      MediaConnect refreshes data from CloudWatch automatically every 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, depending on the time period that you chose. When the charts refresh, data is 1 minute behind real time.