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Tagging AWS Elemental MediaConvert resources

A tag is a label that you assign or that AWS assigns to an AWS resource. Each tag consists of a key and a value. For tags that you assign, you define the key and value. For example, you might define the key as "stage" and the value as "test." Tags help you to identify and organize your AWS resources. Tags that you assign to AWS Elemental MediaConvert jobs, job templates, queues, and presets are integrated with tags across AWS services.

Popular use cases for these tags are as follows:


You can use two types of tags on your MediaConvert jobs: standard AWS tags (tags) and metadata tags (userMetadata). Standard AWS tags integrate with AWS Billing and Cost Management, the AWS Resource Groups Tagging API, and IAM resource-based permissions. Metadata tags aren't integrated with other AWS services.

Unless you have existing integrations or workflows that rely on metadata tags, we recommend that you use standard AWS tags for both automatic integration with AWS services and for custom integrations and workflows. For information, see Using metadata tags with AWS Elemental MediaConvert jobs.

The following topics apply only to standard AWS tags.