Step 2: Attach inputs to the channel - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Step 2: Attach inputs to the channel

When you planned your workflow, you should have coordinated with the upstream system for delivery of the source content. As part of that procedure, you created an input for each content source.

You must now attach the input to the channel.

You can attach multiple inputs to the channel. For detailed information about setting up a channel with more than one input, see Input switching in AWS Elemental MediaLive. There are specific rules about the number and type (push versus pull, for example) of inputs that you can attach to one channel.

To attach one input

  1. On the Create channel page, for Input attachments, choose Add.

  2. On the Attach input page, for Input, choose an existing input. After you choose the input, information about the input appears.

    To review this information, see the following sections:

  3. For Attachment name, enter a name for the attachment. The default name is the name of the input itself. You will need to change this default if you have already attached this input to the channel because names must be unique in the channel.

  4. Choose Confirm. The Input attachment section closes, and the General input settings section appears.

  5. For information about completing the fields in the General input settings section, go to the next step.