Deleting an input - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Deleting an input

If an input is not attached to a channel, you can delete it, even if it is attached to an input security group.


If the input is attached to a channel, you can't delete the input. This rule exists to ensure that you don't remove an input from a channel and therefore make the channel unusable.

When you delete an input, the attached input security group (if any) is not deleted.

To delete an input

  1. Open the MediaLive console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Inputs.

  3. On the Inputs page, find the input that you want to delete, and then look at the State column.

  4. If the state is Detached, then choose Delete. If the state is Attached and you want to delete both the input and its channel, then delete the channel first. For more information, see Deleting a channel.

    If the input is an Elemental Link input, MediaLive deletes the input. But the MediaLive device remains in the Devices list, and you can attach it to a new input at any time.

    If the input is a MediaConnect push input, the corresponding outputs in MediaConnect are automatically deleted; you don't have to delete the outputs.

    If the input is an RTP VPC input or an RTMP VPC push input, the elastic network interfaces of the endpoints are deleted and the IPv4 addresses in the subnet are released for use by another resource. You don't have to delete the network interfaces.