Input clipping - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Input clipping

You can clip a file input so that MediaLive ingests only a portion of the file. The file must be an MP4 file that is stored on Amazon S3 or AWS Elemental MediaStore. You can't clip an MP4 file that is stored on a remote server.

You clip a file as part of setting up an input switching action in the channel schedule. Therefore, to use a clipped file, you must use the schedule.

To set up a file input for input clipping

  1. Create the MP4 file input in the usual way. See Creating an MP4 pull input.

  2. Attach the input to the channel in the usual way. See Step 2: Attach inputs to the channel.

  3. Create a switch input action in the schedule that specifies the start time and end time for the clip. See Creating actions in the schedule (console).

    You can specify a start point (if you don't specify one, the ingest starts at the beginning of the file). You can specify an endpoint (if you don't specify one, the ingest stops at the end of the file). Or you can specify both a start point and end point.

When the channel switches to this input, it starts and stops ingesting the file at the specified points.

You can reuse this same input repeatedly, each time specifying a different portion to ingest. To do so, create another switch input action, with different start and end times.