Create the Channel - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Create the Channel

This section is a supplement to the information in Creating a channel from scratch. It provides information that applies specifically to creating a channel that contains multiple input attachments.

Note the following points, and then follow the steps for creating a channel as described in Creating a channel from scratch.

Channel and Input Details Pane

On the Channel and input details pane for the channel, in the Input specificationssection, set up each option to meet or exceed the most demanding of your inputs.

Input Attachments Pane

On the Input attachments pane for the channel, set up the input attachments for the inputs that you created.

To set up each input attachment

  1. Choose Add in the Input attachments pane.

  2. Choose an input. Enter the name that you decided on when you planned the attachments.

  3. Choose Confirm to display fields for general settings, for video selector fields, audio selector fields, and captions selector fields.

  4. Complete these fields as appropriate.

Note the following points:

  • Attach all the inputs that you identified. If you omit an input, you won't be able to attach it unless you stop the channel.

    You should have already identified the first input attachment. Make sure that you create this attachment first, so that it appears first in the channel.

  • Add the remaining input attachments in any order.

  • In the General input settings section for each input attachment, set Source end behavior to work correctly. For information, see Handling the Transition When the Next Input Is Fixed or Immediate.

  • In the General input settings section for each input attachment, set up the following sets of fields according to the plan that you created when you planned the attachments:

    • The fields in Video selector

    • The fields inAudio selectors

    • The fields in Caption selectors

Output groups

On the Output groups pane for the channel, follow the regular procedure to create all the output groups that you identified in Step 1: Plan the Outputs.