Alerts for channels - MediaLive

Alerts for channels

The following table lists the alerts that MediaLive might generate for a channel. You can view these alerts in these ways:

  • You can view the alerts for each channel on the MediaLive console. For more information, see Alerts tab – Viewing alerts.

  • MediaLive turns alerts into CloudWatch events with the detailType set to MediaLive Channel Alert. For an example of the JSON for these events, see JSON for a state change event.

Alert ID Alert wording Description
5002 Input Image Missing The channel was configured with a URL to an input image (for example, an avail blanking image). The channel can't access the file.
5007 Initial Probe is Taking Longer Than Expected The MediaLive pipeline is not yet generating output because it is waiting for an input that it can successfully decode.
5008 Input Resource is Inaccessible The channel configuration references a resource that MediaLive can't access. The specific resource is identified in the alert.
5010 Input Removed the Active Program The transport stream program that was in use is no longer present in the input.
5012 SCTE-35 Input Data Could Not Be Processed MediaLive can't process the SCTE-35 data that is being received. It's possible that the SCTE-35 PTS is not synchronized with the video PTS.
5101 Audio Not Detected The channel can't decode audio in the source. Either the active input is unavailable, or the active input doesn't contain audio, or the audio is encrypted.
5102 Audio PID Missing The audio selector for the current input specifies a PID (as the source of the audio), but that PID doesn't exist in the input.
5104 Audio Requires Dolby E Decode The input requires Dolby E decode, but a Dolby E decode audio track selector was not specified. MediaLive might replace the audio with silence.
5201 Video Not Detected The channel can't decode the video in the source. Either the active input is unavailable, or the active input doesn't contain video, or the video is encrypted.
5202 Black Video Detected Black video was detected. MediaLive might have performed an automatic input failover.
5301 HTTP Get Failed The HTTP Get failed, so retrieval of the asset failed. Perhaps there was a network issue, or the HTTP server had a problem, or the server requires user credentials.
5302 Stopped Receiving UDP Input A UDP input (which includes RTP, MediaConnect, and Link inputs) did not receive any packets for at least one second.
5304 RTP Header Corruption The channel is configured to receive an RTP input, but the packets received don't conform to RTP.
5305 RTMP Stream Not Found The channel is configured to receive an RTMP input, but the specified RTMP stream is not being received.
5307 RTMP Has No Audio/Video The channel is configured to receive an RTMP input, but the specified RTMP stream is no longer present.
5308 RTMP Disconnected The channel is configured to receive an RTMP input, but the specified RTMP stream has disconnected.
5309 RTMP Input Connect Failed The channel is configured to receive an RTMP input but there was a failure to connect to the RTMP URL.
5312 HTTP Request Failed When Fetching HLS Decryption Key Don't document. This alert can't be triggered in MediaLive.
5313 HLS Segments Could Not Be Decrypted An HLS input could not be decrypted. Check that the key provided for decryption is correct.
5314 Input Double-Publishing Detected Multiple source IP addresses are sending packets to the same MediaLive input. This situation typically causes decode errors.
5315 Data PID Missing A transport stream data PID was specified in the channel configuration, but it isn’t available in the input.
5316 Input PTS Behind PCR A transport stream input contains video and/or audio frames that are arriving too late to decode based on comparison of their PTS (presentation timestamp) to the transport stream PCRs (program clock references). MediaLive might not be able to decode the video or audio.
5601 Input Failed Over An input has failed and the channel is configured for automatic input failover. MediaLive has switched to the other input.
6001 ESAM HTTP Post Failed A HTTP Post to the configured ESAM server failed. ESAM is part of the SCTE 35 configuration for the channel.
6002 Failed to Open UDP Socket For Write The channel failed to open a UDP output connection.
6003 Failed to Write to UDP Socket The channel failed to write a UDP output packet.
6005 Failed to Create Output File or Socket The channel failed to create an output file.
6006 Failed to Write to Output The channel failed to write data to an output.
6007 Failed to Close or Finalize The Output The channel failed to write data to an output
6008 Failed to Delete Output File The Channel failed to delete an output file.
6010 Failed HTTP Post Output Request An HTTP Post to an output failed.
6015 Failed to Get HTTP Output Token The channel couldn't write to an output because it was unauthorized. For example, an HTTP access returned 401 (Unauthorized) or 403 (Forbidden).
6028 Failed to Validate Certificate Chain When Publishing An HTTP write failed because the remote server's SSL certificate or SSH fingerprint was deemed not OK.
6030 The Configured TS Muxer Bitrate is Too Low A transport stream output was configured and the bitrate specified is not sufficient to carry the video, audio, and data that need to be carried within it. The channel includes a transport stream output. The bitrate specified in the output is too low for the combined video, audio, and data.
6031 Timecode Synchronization Threshold Exceeded The channel was configured with a TimecodeConfiguration SyncThreshold, and the output timecode was resynchronized with the input timecode.
6033 Pipeline is Paused The MediaLive pipeline has been paused.
6035 Unable to perform requested color space conversion The channel was unable to perform the configured color space conversion.
6036 Output is Paused One or more outputs have been paused.
6038 Nielsen Audio Watermarks could not be initialized Nielsen audio watermarks could not be initialized.
6043 Failed To Upload Thumbnail Video thumbnails couldn't be uploaded. MediaLive might need access to Amazon S3.
6501 Large Upload Cache Backlog The channel maintains a cache of files pending upload that it clears after successful delivery to the output. The cache has more files pending upload to the configured destination than expected, which might indicate a temporary network slowdown between MediaLive and the destination. Or it might indicate that the destination server is slower than expected.
7001 Communication Lost from Encoder The multiplex is not receiving communication from one or more encoders.
7002 Communication Lost from Multiplex The encoder is not receiving communication from the multiplex.
7003 Active Encoder Switched for Program The multiplex has switched to using a different encoder pipeline for the output of a multiplex program.
7004 Active Encoder Sent Fill or Slate Frames The active MediaLive encoder for a multiplex program inserted fill frames. Fill frames might indicate input to the encoder was lost.
7005 MPTS Bitrate Overflow More bits were generated to the multiplex then it was able to pass to its output.